Hi, I’m Jacqueline. Thank you for visiting my world of sculptures and shapes. I am really proud to show you the result of my creative processes, my struggles, my passions. Sometimes it takes a little perseverance, but in the end, when a work is finished, it always tastes like more. After some floundering and stumbling, nothing feels better than a creative break-through!

I was classically trained by sculpting from a live model. Having worked as a beauty therapist, body painter and makeup artist, I always had an interest for anatomical knowledge. I deepened that knowledge by taking courses from Scott Eaton.

My interest in new technology has led me to using digital tools. ZBrush is a sculpting tool I love and KeyShot is my favorite rendering tool. I am using 3D printers to convert my work to real life objects. I love trying new things and recently, after doing a silversmithing course, I started my silver jewelry projects.

As an artist, designer and craftsman I hope to inspire others. I love to hear what you think of my work!
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